Class Facts

Superintendent, B. Woodhull Davis; Principal, William H. Rhodes; Vice-Principal, Joseph V. Drulis

William F. Alston, Science; John R. Arscott, English; Jessica S. Bartlett, Social Science; Beatrice M. Bedard, Nurse; Frank Birch, Industrial Arts; Richard E. Borger, Business Education; Anthony Borzok, Social Science; Eva Brook, Librarian; Florence M. Burke, Mathematics; Frederic S. Coffman, Mathematics; Elmore M. Day, Jr. Business Education; Dorothea de Chaiara, Modern Languages; Henry N. Drewry, Social Science; Walter F. Fleet, English; Dorothy P. Gaskell, Modern Languages; Elizabeth W. Gibson, Home Economics; Verna Green, Home Economics; Gerald D. Groninger, Mathematics; Wilma Harris, English; A. Myrtle Hensor, Business Education; Thomas Hilbish, Music; Ruth A. Huzzard, English; Joseph M. Jingoli, Jr, English; Mary Lanahan, Mathematics; Alden G. Lewis, Science; Edith B. Margerum, Fine Arts; H. Lee McConahy, English; Winfield S. Niles, Science; Louise B. Osgood, English; Louise C. Palmer, Business Education; Mary R. Perpetua, Business Education; Harriet E. Peterson, Latin; Joseph L. Pierson, Social Science; George Povilaitis, Science; Carmen Prezioso, Modern Languages; Yale Rabin, Fine Arts; Glenda G. Richards, Latin; Elmer C. Savage, Music; Alfred Seitz, Industrial Arts; Morrill F. Shepard, Mathematics; Frank M. Soda, Modern Languages; Orville T. Sessard, Social Science; Ruth Steiner, Home Economics; John A. Stewart, Science; Lawrence Stratton, Science; Ethel N. Thomas, English; George H. Tindall, Physical Education; Adelaide E. Tunnell, Physical Education; Glenn E. Underwood, Agriculture; Mollie B. Updike, Mathematics; Marie R. Warren, Social Science; William O. Wert, English; Richard Wood, Industrial Arts; Jeanne M. Wright, Latin; Harry W. Zoll, Science

Class Officers
President, Thomas Shope; Vice President, Victor Payne; Treasurer, Jack Fisher; Secretary, Suzanne Lowe

Class Personalities
Most Likely to Succeed, Joyce Johnson and Tom Shope; Class Clowns, Mason Regan and Doris Pierson; Most Service to PHS, Lorelei Fugill and Ronald Mucha; Most Versatile, John Harbison and Barbara Dilley; Most Athletic, Nancy Craven and Marvin Trotman; Best Physique and Figure, Frank DiMeglio and Gail Doane; Most Flirtatious, Marjorie Asbury and Chic Carlucci; Best Looking, Bill Spencer and Marilyn Kimble; Most Drag with Faculty, Bill Van Zandt and Jean Stratton; Best Personality, Vic Payne and Sandra Bertrand